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"I named it dignified to show the world that there is dignity in the business," says the former bodyguard whose code name while working in government security circles was Gaddafi.

"There is nothing to be ashamed about human waste, it is a reality - we all have to answer the call of nature." Confident of success He started the business in 1992 after observing that there were only about 500 functional public toilets in Nigeria, a country with a population of more than 130m.

Toilets at Nigerian airports, while they are afflicted by the malignant Nigerian factor, do not as much as give a glimpse of the severity of the problem.

Anyone who wants to know what the toilet situation looks like in Nigeria should visit the NYSC camps or Nigerian university hostels to see the dehumanising conditions in which this country nurtures the intellect of her youths.

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Afterwards, he told journalists that the airport was one of the major places where the government needed to ensure amenities work appropriately and that that the deficiencies he observed during his inspection would be corrected.

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