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On the other hand, the sword chronicle (御刀剣記) of the Date family writes that around Hōgen (保元, 1156-1159) the sword was originally owned by a certain Murakami Tarō Nagamori (村上太郎永守) from which it came into the possession of Seino Saburō Nyūdō (清野三郎入道).

The Seino were a Shinano-based branch of the Murakami family.

Any of the Japanese Sword Societies will be pleased to help you avoid wasting your cash.

Signatures are the thing to look at when assessing a Nihont, and are only viewed to verify what should have been been discovered by looking at other aspects of the blade.

antique and modernly forged swords can easily be found and purchased.

Modern, authentic nihontō are made by a few hundred swordsmiths.

However, after the fall of the Hōjō in the last years of the Kamakura period, the trace of the sword is lost again.

It pops up again on surface more than 200 years later in the possession of Oda Nobunaga who presented it to one of his retainers called Mimaki Kanbei (三牧勘兵衛).

A Helpful Note: When searching Ebay, you can put a minus symbol ( - ) in front of a search name to remove that word from your search, such as Japanese Sword -Rosewood.There are now a huge amount of swords claiming to be genuine Japanese swords available on Ebay, Yahoo Japan and other online auction sites for sale that are sadly not even close to the real thing.Most of these swords are being sold out of China however there are more and more sellers popping up in Canada, the US, Australia and the UK so you must beware.This makes it easier to decipher many mei knowing little or no Japanese.It is this 'standard' form I am concentrating on here.To confuse matters there are tens of thousands of swords with fake signatures (gimei) which have been produced for centuries, either to deceive (usually bad news for you) or as a mark of respect to some master smith (could be good or bad news).