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"ABM continues to leverage our extensive government experience to provide critical language and communications needs for our U.

The former policeman is one of many Iraqis to have suffered at the hands of ISIS which tortures, executes or beheads anyone deemed immoral or an opponent of its ideology and its goal of creating a caliphate across the Muslim world.

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S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, and Saddam Hussein’s crackdown on a Kurdish uprising in 1991. The new floor tiles are going down in a 19th-century mansion.

Es wird vom Deutschen Akademischen Austauschdienst e. (DAAD) in Zusammenarbeit mit der Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes und der Stiftung Mercator durchgeführt.

Im Interview berichtet Sabine Starke über ihren beruflichen Werdegang und ihren Arbeitsalltag.

Islamic State hostages Ahmed Mahmoud Mustafa (left) and Mohammed Abd Ahmed reveal their horrific treatment at the hands of the terror grup after being rescued by U. and Kurdish troops in Iraq last month In the end, Mohammed succumbed to the torture and put his fingerprint on a list of charges as an admission of guilt, reasoning that denial would only prolong his suffering and death was inevitable anyway.

Bevölkerungswachstum, Luftverschmutzung, verstopfte Straßen – in den Städten in Subsahara-Afrika nehmen die Herausforderungen zu.