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Guyana is the only South American nation in which English is the official language.Atheism was promoted until 1985, but Guyana has had full religious freedom since then.While avoiding criticism of the UK government, the Guyanese leader thanked those who had brought the country's rainforest offer into the international arena."The Independent was key to getting our original message to the public, and this kind of campaigning journalism will be vital in the years to come," he said.The board is responsible for the performance of the functions conferred on the Commission by the Act.

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The Commission is also responsible for the administration and management of all State Forest land.

It gained independence in 1966, and officially became a republic within the Commonwealth of Nations in 1970.

The legacy of British rule is reflected in the country's political administration and diverse population, which includes Indian, African, Amerindian, and multiracial groups.

With world leaders warning that no legally binding agreement will be possible at the climate summit in Copenhagen next month, the two comparative minnows completed one of the biggest forest conservation deals ever signed.

Both sides signalled their intention to "provide the world with a working example of how partnerships between developed and developing countries can save the world's tropical forests," they said in a joint statement.