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As Doreen Ingrams, the author of The Awakened: Women in Iraq, noticed (p. In 750 AD, during the Abbasid Caliphate, women “became renowned for their brains as well as their beauty” (p. However, even then many girls were being captured as slaves.

Despite that fact, “many of the well-known women of the time were slave girls who had been trained from childhood in music, dancing and poetry.

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Iraq has a coastline measuring 58 km (36 miles) on the northern Persian Gulf and encompasses the Mesopotamian Alluvial Plain, the northwestern end of the Zagros mountain range, and the eastern part of the Syrian Desert.

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Tired of the Arabic club scene, family get togethers and repeated matchmaking efforts by your friends and relatives?We at Arab Lounge are committed to helping you meet that special someone.As a minority group, we understand that it is especially hard to meet compatible Arab singles. It was here that mankind first began to read, write, create laws, and live in cities under an organised government—notably Uruk, from which "Iraq" is derived.The area has been home to successive civilisations since the 6th millennium BC.I do not know the culture there or what to expect from our culture differences, he is christian and not muslim.