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Objectdatasource onupdating

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NET application and on one page there is a gridview that uses an Object Data Source to call a method that is located in another class named "Device". I even wrote the code for this method and it is working and the method fires, if the user clicks the "Update"-button in the grid. Because I am using the Object Data Source and I have an Update-command in that grid, I also need to specify and Update-method for this Object Data Source and this is the point. If you use Object Data Source than you have to write the update and select method in one class.

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Since i am using a custom datasource i cant seem to use the row Updating e.oldvalues etc... The 'Question' Field for Example is OK, as displayed to the Us...

Is there anyway to use filtering without objectdatasource, or is there a way to give objectdatasource an source then bind it to my gridview. Edit, True) in a loop for every column in the gridview. Four datetime columns (coming from SQL Server 2005) with different editmasks/formats at different points in time (mm/dd/yyyy, yyy-mm-dd, [shortdate][time], dd/mm/yyyy, none). Cancel within On Creating User Event Hey there I do multiple checks on Event 'On Creating User' (Create User Wizard, ASP. When my User makes some mistakes, i leave the Handler with e. So the User is back in his Dialog - forced to fix his errors.

My code: //No objectdatasource how can I conduct a search? Da...e.keys, e.oldvalues and e.newvalues using a custom datasource? I started working for all the boundfields, the problem is that it dont catches the template columns... Best regards, Hi: Here's the hi..2.x support object datasourcedoes 2.x support object datasource thanks vsv No. Weird behaviour of Firefox 3.1Beta2Name: christian Hüning Email: christianhueningatgooglemaildotcom Product: Firefox Summary: Weird behaviour of Firefox 3.1Beta2 Comments: a werid behaviour, especially when using photo galleries or the messaging / PN service of the site. I also experienced that with Firefox 3.0.5 and previous releases. Using Mac OS X 10.5.6 on Mac Book Pro 3.1 Browser Details: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.5; de; rv:1.9.1b2) Gecko/20081201 Firefox/3.1b2 ... Works fine on the test Windows 2000 server (IIS 5.0), another temporary production Windows 2003 R2 server (II6 6.0), and on dev PC. In this Situation, all Entry Fileds (except Password/Passwird To Confirm of course) display fine in the Dialog - also the 'Answer' field.

i have an object that has properties (userid,name,surname) i added just field userid and "name" on details view. i can i handle the object that objectdatasource creates to apply update parameters on?

i want to use updating event to initialy create my original user entity then objectdatasource will update name property on this original entity. on update process i can not handle object creation that update process will use.