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The results have modified our understanding of the presence of humans and their disappearance from the British Isles during periods of climatic deterioration.

This project extends the work to continental Europe.

The following examples give a quick summary of the different dating styles found for Middle English evidence in OED3, for ready reference. a1200) Ancrene Riwle (Corpus Cambr.) (1962) while the following is for quotations taken from the 1972 Early English Text Society edition by E. Dobson of the copy of the text found in London, British Library MS Cotton Cleopatra ? It is often likely that one or more stages of copying have intervened between the original author and a particular surviving manuscript.

For more detailed explanation of the background, see below. c1380) Pearl Where a further bracketed date appears at the end of the citation, this is the date of the scholarly edition from which the OED quotation is taken. Normally it is extremely difficult to be certain that a word appearing in a particular manuscript was definitely used (or conversely, was definitely not used) by the original author.

A manuscript (or document) date is the date when the manuscript or document from which the dictionary quotation comes is thought to have been produced.

Elaine Dunbar (SUERC); Ms Cynthia Poole (Oxford); Ms Lisa Brown (Oxford) Traditional approaches to dating the Iron Age constructed complex chronologies based on artefact typologies. Two key results are, first, that typological dating produces sequences that are regularly too late, and second, that various phenomena, from chariot burials to settlement shifts, represent brief episodes, rather than being long lived.

Changes in human behaviour, cognition and innovation become evident across Europe in the archaeological record, based upon the increasing prevalence of symbolic art and portable artefacts of advanced technical skill, compared with what had been present previously.

There is sharp debate over whether this technological and behavioural revolution represents the arrival and spread across Europe of AMH, derived ultimately from African or Asian origins, or whether it is partially an or local development, representing a burgeoning level of complexity amongst Neanderthal populations already based in Europe.

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