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Source: unculturedmag Josephine kissed her boyfriend Alexander vocalist of "The Cab” and shared that on Instagram, writing as “my teammate!

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His other friends and parents agree with me, but I can’t get him see it from any other point of view.

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Trading a booty call for a meaningful and heartfelt discussion.Also, the thought below may be based on mood, time of day, or any number of other factors. Today is my B' day I have turned 28, all I can say is that Life has really got better it doesnt mean that there are any less problems but I feel I am stronger enough to handle them and I am more greatful for the people I have in my life.I am dont believe in God persay but I would like to thank the energy out there for giving for bestowing me with so many gifts in life I could love adore and look upto.「夢は成功のもと/歌はヒナにつれヒナは歌につれ」 (Yume wa seikou no mono to/Uta wa hina ni tsure hina wa uta ni tsure) “Success Comes From Dreaming/Songs Change With Hinas, and Hinas Change With Song” Time for the school festival!Pleasantly surprised they didn’t go for the low hanging fruit of maid fanservice.This never works — the Random Number God is not mocked, and it'll find a way to mess with you regardless.