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Sedating cat to get to vet

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If you’ve been to our office, you have met Rambo, one of our office cats, and you know all about his attitude.

Rambo does not like to be handled and loses his patience quickly. The cat pictured in this photo, Ollie, belongs to a staff member.

If you can’t find a bowl that won’t spill, stop and offer water to your pet every hour.

Bring a few gallons of water from your former home that your pet is used to drinking. Cats don’t need to be fed for trips under two hours.

We think a smooth euthanasia looks like a smooth surgical induction, don’t we? No one should have to see someone they love go from conscious to unconscious that fast. Now imagine that it wasn’t unconsciousness – imagine it was death. I know, because they call me for help after they have had “a bad experience”. They won’t go back to their last veterinarian because it wasn’t used.

Sedation has the secondary effect of calming the owner. The pet is asleep and the owner has a little bit of their burden removed.

If possible, provide a small amount of water in a higher-sided bowl that won’t spill.Some will even laugh through their tears at the sound of their pet snoring peacefully.Do you know what it looks like to a client when you perform standing euthanasia on their pet?All veterinarians know this and most of us have a great deal of empathy for your concerns.We veterinarians are fortunate in that older, less predictable, anethesthetics have been replaced by compounds that are very predictable and safe when properly used.I do, because so many of my clients have told me about their past experiences and demanded sedation for their next pet. I dislike hearing a guarantee of “painless euthanasia”. So why would we put ourselves, our clients or our patients through unnecessary discomfort?