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As the name implies, relative dating can tell which of the two artifacts is older.

Stat tracker not updating

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We're also getting closer to the testing/release of our new website, and some new tools, so stay tuned! If you notice any problems, please get in touch with us on Twitter @R6Stats Thanks!

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Mira and Jackal are now available for viewing on player stats, both on the website and in the app. Both the R6Stats Website and Android app now displays the stats for Hibana and Echo!Some computers have a problem creating the shortcut, this is an issue with the installer library Squirrel/Squirrel. By default when Stat Tracker joins your server, all the game commands will be available in every channel. rlrank command can ONLY be used in the #general channel.If you're keeping track, that's two college pitchers the Cubs take with their two first-round picks. back-to-back juco picks out of Florida: the Cubs took a Little lefty (Brendon) at 27 and the Blue Jays took a righty (Nate Pearson) who hits triple digits on the radar gun. If any player from this year's draft class could possibly reach the majors this season, it's Romero.Fans of both teams should be pleased with that development. Hopefully more potential picks show up at the draft every year. He's an electric left-hander who was a strikeout machine before he was kicked off the Houston team this spring. Getting kicked off the team the year you're a potential top-10 draft pick sets off all kinds of alarms.Let's get started by signing in with Steam, then we'll provide a link to update your match history.