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At some point in the past, at least by the time of Aristotle, philosophers recognized that a fundamental distinction should be drawn between two kinds of scientific knowledge — roughly, knowledge that and knowledge why.

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Indigenous people who performed in rodeos or boxing tents may have been given ‘stage names’.

In your family history research you are highly likely to find a range of different names for the same person.

'China has made a break through in the technology formerly monoplised by foreign countries.

According to a Ukrainian security service letter published by Apostrophe, the 65-year-old is banned on grounds that he has 'committed socially dangerous actions...“This is the first time that the two have married, and it was really emotional at the beginning.Actor Steven Seagal has been banned from Ukraine as a national security threat.Several Chinese publications, including People's Daily Online, have released dramatic footage showing J-15 aircraft carrying out taking off and flying exercises.The video was originally produced by China Central Television Station shows and is believed to be shot earlier this week when the aircraft carrier The Liaoning visited Hong Kong.A separate report on Sohu claimed that Chinese military had managed to realise mid-air refuelling between its J-15 fighter jets, carried by The Liaoning; and the new feature would almost double the fighting capability of the warship.