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My friend and I joked when he got engaged that he had “won dating” and, come his wedding, will embark on “the unlimited date.” Although personal definitions for dating victories may vary (as they should), there’s a fairly universal understanding of failure: continuing to entertain the idea of dating/sleeping with ding-dongs.

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"They want to push an agenda, of trying different things, of pornography that’s ruining our young people, ruining marriages.

It’s way too accessible to young people now online and I think we should be really, really concerned when young people think that getting involved in all of these things and talking about them is a good thing."Julie Edwards, a member of the executive board of sexual empowerment, attends a speech on how to use your sexuality as a tool for political resistance and activism named "F*** The Patriarchy" at the International House at UT in Knoxville, Tennessee on Thursday, April 6, 2017.

The current political climate, including President Donald Trump, was the inspiration behind an event at the University of Tennessee's Sex Week Thursday when students were instructed how to use their sexuality to fight back against patriarchal norms."I've seen so many people, myself included, who are just exhausted from all the activism they're engaging in, which is just fantastic, but it's also exhausting," said Katie Kleinkopf, a graduate student in history at UT who gave the talk titled "(Expletive) the Patriarchy.'"There's this thing called compassion fatigue, where you give so much and you forget to love yourself, so that's why I wanted to talk about how to engage with the patriatchy, but in your sex life, in this new way that we don't often talk about."The talk was one of several events to take place this week as part of UT's controversial Sex Week, which in the past has prompted backlash from the Tennessee legislature and last year played a role in last year's defunding of the Office for Diversity and Inclusion at UT.

Sex Week, which has a budget this year of ,800, is funded by fees that students have the option of putting towards student programming, including Sex Week.

Davis County Early Sunday morning a driver was going the wrong way on I-15 in Davis County.

A trooper spotted the driver, caught up to him and clipped the suspect's car, causing it to spin out and stop, keeping the suspect from endangering other drivers. Pugh, was arrested for driving under the influence. George had stopped a person for DUI and had closed and clearly marked the lanes.

In the spring they started collecting the cameras and looking at the footage.

The first cameras the scientists examined didn’t show anything unusual but that was a different story for some of the last footage checked.

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Our fully licensed and credentialed clinical team includes addiction certified physicians, psychologists, psychotherapists, licensed addiction counselors, recreational therapists, interventionists, and dieticians.We understand you already suffer from shame and guilt... ""At half the cost of most private facilities and treatment centers, the Utah Addiction Centers' multi-disorder treatment provides personalized outpatient and residential treatment for depression, anxiety, substance abuse, sexual disorders (including pornography) and other problems.We understand you already suffer from shame and guilt... ""STAR Guides is an outdoor therapeutic program designed for youth and young adults who are struggling with problematic sexual behavior.They were also encouraged to explore their bodies, including through masturbation, which Kleinkopf said is a way of "really sticking it to the patriarchy because you don't need somebody else to feel good."Kleinkopf also took issue with a recent Tennessee Senate resolution condemning pornography as a "public health crisis" while encouraging students to experiment with pornography and sex toys. Mae Beavers, R-Wilson County, the sponsor of the joint resolution, said she was astounded when she heard that the resolution was brought up in a negative light during Thursday's talk.She said Sex Week, in general, is not appropriate."It’s not like they want to just talk about it," Beavers said.Kim Hersey, mammals conservation coordinator for the DWR, said biologists from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and the U. Forest Service set four bait stations monitored by trail cameras along the north slope of the Uinta Mountains last January.