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Bullz-Eye had the opportunity to speak to the man who plays Satan’s top bounty hunter: Bret Harrison. Hopefully, we’ll come out in January with the new season and people will have just gotten the DVD and be caught up. BE: With the DVD, how much did you guys get to or want to contribute to the set?

We chatted with Harrison about what we can expect from the show’s second season, how he felt about the whole soul-of-the-week aspect of the early episodes of the series, what he thought about working on sitcoms like “Grounded for Life” and “The Loop,” and how inordinately excited he is about the impending DVD release of MTV’s “Undressed.” Bret Harrison: Hello? I mean, did you do commentaries or help out with special features?

Set in Garrison, Colorado, this sitcom follows the dysfunctional Bennett family on their Iron River Ranch.

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It's also got a very real and scary view of how people react to things they don't understand with fear.“Reaper” might not have reaped ratings glory in its initial season, but it built a steady following through the year, particular in the post-writers’-strike arc of the series that featured Michael Ian Black and Ken Marino as a pair of gay demons. So if you’re back up in Vancouver, then I presume you’re back in production? But I think we were able to get a lot in even with this 13, and hopefully it will leave people wanting more.If you didn’t discover the show until it was too late, you’ll be thrilled to know that Season One of “Reaper” is now available on DVD. Especially if people get a hold of the DVD and check out all of last season and they realize it’s a good show, then hopefully it will () Sorry, there was just a huge gun shot; seriously, there’s real shooting. But, yeah, hopefully, if people get hold of the DVD and check it out and kind of find out what’s going on, then that’ll be perfect timing in a way. If you get too stuck on that, you could drive yourself crazy, so I feel that I learned a long time ago that you’ve got to let things go and put your mind on the next thing, and if it gets to come back, then great, but if not, you can’t beat yourself up over it. BE: When you guys found out the good news you were renewed but the bad news that you weren’t coming back until mid season, did you just kind of take it in stride? I was constantly talking to the writers and asking, ‘Okay, so when do I get to do something different? I don’t want to say I was surprised, I just kind of…maybe because I’ve been through it a few times, maybe I’m used to it. Bret Harrison (“Grounded for Life”) stars as a frustrated teen who dreams of escaping his miserable life in a small Alabama town for a special effects make-up job in Hollywood, creating grisly monsters.