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Why so picky with dating

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A male that has not had sex in 20 days feels the same way as a female after more than a year without sex. This is the reason why men are men and women are women. This means, a woman HAS TO be picky about who she allows to have sex with her.Knowing this simple difference, you can already understand the pain of the opposite gender. For generations women were paying too high a price for making a wrong choice.In fact, the smarter you are, the more clueless you will be, and the more problems you're going to have in your dating life. Smart people spent more time on achievements than on relationships when growing up. And smart families are usually achievement-oriented. The upshot of all that achievement is that you get into a top college -- congratulations!Once upon a day I used to be pretty smart, and believe me, I had a lock on clueless. -- and then continue doing even more of what you were doing before.A normal male's body produces 20 times more of this hormone than a female's.

Women that have chosen men with good genes had a stronger offspring and their children survived disproportionably.

Naturally, some guys are more dominant and protective beings, which tends to play into their ego tremendously.

If an insecure guy feels like you don’t need him, then his self-esteem tends to go down.

Independent women are the total opposite, hence the disconnect. By default, these girls can detect remotely any traces of toxic, BS behavior and in return end up scaring guys off before they get a chance.

Most would consider this a good thing, but sometimes it sends the wrong message to guys who maybe just deserve a second chance and didn’t really mean to slap your ass when you were drunk.